Welcome to DWC

We are excited to have you as a part of our club.  Please take a few minutes to read the following information to get familiar with how our program works:

Our program at DWC consists of three groups:

  1. Advanced (Drillers)
  2. Intermediate (Roughnecks)
  3. Beginner (Lil-Bits)

Drillers - Our advanced traveling team is limited to the top kids in our program. They will attend local, state, and national tournaments. This group's goal is to prepare wrestlers for the intensity and skill level of a high school wrestling room and beyond. You must be selected and have coach's approval to be in the Drillers group. We hope one day all of our wrestlers will advance to this group.

Roughnecks - Our intermediate group is generally made up of wrestlers with 1-3 years of wrestling experience under their belt. In this group, we will continue to build wrestling fundamentals and introduce higher level wrestling concepts. Our intermediate group will also attend local tournaments and compete in SCWAY and USA Wrestling state tournaments.

Lil-Bits - Our beginner group is designed to introduce kids to wrestling and build a love for the sport of wrestling. At the coaches discretion, a Lil-Bits athlete may be moved up to one of the competitive groups (i.e. Drillers/Roughnecks). An additional cost will apply.


Parents will be added to our Driller Wrestling Club “GroupMe” app for both iPhone and Android phone users. The GroupMe app may be downloaded from the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android).

GroupMe will be your primary source for updates to practice schedules, Events/ Tournament changes, and a convenient way for the Parents ask questions.


Here are some guidelines for all of our new DWC members to help make your first tournament a little easier. Please take some time to read over this list:

  1. You must purchase a current USA card to wrestle at local USA Wrestling tournaments (see USA wrestling link). The USA card is good for one season (2023-2024).  Print out several copies of your card in case you misplace one. You will NOT be able to register at any USA tournament without it.
  2. Know your wrestlers age division and weight class.
  3. Most Tournaments YOU will register your wrestler on the Trackwrestling website (see Trackwrestling link). Make sure you are registered under Driller Wrestling Club.
  4. Warmups for tournaments will take place at the locations wrestling area. Wrestlers will begin warming up one hour prior to the tournament start time.
  5. Tournaments can last all morning and into the afternoon, so it’s a good idea to bring stadium seats/cushions, blankets, healthy snacks and water. There is always a snack bar but they usually don’t have very many healthy options.
  6. At the tournament you may want to check your wrestlers’ brackets. On your smart phone or tablet, you should bookmark the Trackwrestling website (highly recommended). There you can find your child’s name, make sure they are in the correct age division and weight class. You will be able to see who they will be wrestling that day, their mat assignments, as well as your wrestler’s progress.
  7. All tournaments are double elimination, but please check with a coach before you leave because there are circumstances where your child will wrestle even after two loses.
  8. Parents are generally not allowed on the floor nor is it encouraged. Please let the coaches coach so you may enjoy your wrestlers matches. The tournaments generally offer two types of wristbands for entry. The first is a general admission wristband (Parents/Family/Friends), while the second is a floor/coach’s wristband. Your wrestler will not have to purchase a wristband, their entry fee (which is paid for by the parent) will cover that wrestler. General admission wristbands, Coach’s wristbands, and Tournament registration fees are set by the tournament’s organizer and not by DWC.
  9. It is your responsibility to get your wrestler to the floor and find a DWC coach. Coaches will use the GroupMe app to provide their general location on the floor for the warmups. After warmups, depending on the tournament, wrestlers may need to wait in the stands until their name posts with a mat assignment on Trackwrestling. A DWC coach will generally advise when they would like your wrestler to be at their assigned mat.
  10. What to wear? A singlet and wrestling shoes are best, but local tournaments will allow for T-Shirt and shorts if you don't have a singlet. With your paid membership, each wrestler will receive a DWC shirt and a DWC pair of shorts. These may be worn for practices and at tournaments where permitted. For DWC singlets and other apparel, please visit the DWC Shop located under the SHOP tab on this website.

Useful Links

Lil Bits: Ages 5-7 with 2 years or less of wrestling experience. Non-competitive group.

Roughnecks: Ages 8-11 with 2 years or less of wrestling experience.

Drillers: Ages 12 and above or 8-11 with 2 years of experience or more.

* all subject to coach's discretion


1241 G St, Bakersfield, CA 93301


(661) 343-3666